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LED Scoreboard

Score board is a key product on the field for any cricket match. It is not easy for the players and spectators to keep track of scores in any paper or small phones so we have made this unique mini LED score board. This board is robust, mobile and highly power efficient. You can carry it on the field and keep track of your scores.

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Smart LED

This Smart LED Live Scoreboard comes in a 4x2 (ft) size which makes it super easy for transportation. The Scoreboard comes with P6 LED which is extremely durable and has a very high visibility; so you don't have to worry about whether the scores are visible or not during the matches. The Scoreboard can also be used to display the sponsors logos to give a little more branding coverage too.

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Data SIM

Wondering how the Live Scoreboard will be able to retrieve and display the scores on time during your match? No worries. The Scoreboard is enabled with an inbuilt data SIM which helps in getting the scores displayed without any wired connection from the scoring device.

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Robust Metal

Extremely hot, cold match day? Maybe even a slight rainy day? Then don't worry about it. The Live Scoreboard is packed with a high durable rust-free metal case which can withstand all weather conditions. So the next time you play in hot or cold weather conditions, at least the one thing you don't need to worry about is the score board.

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No one likes to carry an extremely heavy board anywhere which is why we have made the Live Scoreboard easy to transport. The scoreboard comes with a wheels stand which makes it super easy for the users to move the board around the crowd with minimal effort. No need to carry it around if you need to shift it from place to place. Just push it around and you are done.

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Power Efficient

Are you worried that this Live Scoreboard will suck in a lot of power during your match? We have you covered for that. The Scoreboard is optimised for low power consumption of 230V and also comes with a 10M long power cable; a really long one in case your power socket is quite the distance away.

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Free Shipping

Your Live Scoreboard comes with free and quick shipping since we figured that no one needs to pay a lot when it comes to shipping charges. We believe in customer satisfaction which is the reason for no shipping costs and we always ensure our product reaches you on time and in absolutely neat condition.

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